Monday, June 20, 2011

Forum and Colosseum

June 5

Today we walked to the Forum and then the Colosseum...This is layer upon layer of antiquity. It is just mind boggling, the history that has taken place here! To think a prison still exists that imprisoned St. Peter and Paul! But even earlier than that...I can hardly fathom it! The Forum is the birthplace of Ancient Rome.

The Colonna Trajan marks one end of the area. This is a 40 meter high white marble column carved in relief with a narration in history comprising of 2500 figures coiling around top to bottom. The other end is capped with the Arch of Constantine, commemorating the acceptance of Christianity into the Roman Empire.

The Colosseum is the largest ampitheater built in antiquity, large enough to accommodate 55,000 spectators.

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