Tuesday, June 21, 2011


June 8

After cooking an incredible meal of Bruschetta, Gnocchi with Pesto, Rolled Chicken with Ham and Sage and finally Chocolate Cake with Pears,

we met our guide on the ancient city of Perugia. Apparently the city has existed since c300BC! Impossible really to describe what we experienced as we walked through ancient streets including a section underground.

Hard to explain the wonder in viewing an artwork in St Peter's depicting the plague that hit Europe in the Middle Ages and there stood the city of Perugia, recognizable by it's belltowers and other buildings. The joy on our guide's face as he considered his town aptly represented so many centuries ago...priceless! We have truly loved all aspects of our stay at la volpe e l' uva, the farm in Perugia!!

The view from the patio outside our room on the farm.

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